Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Health Update

Please accept my apologies for not posting and, worse than that, not commenting over the last few days - I have been in a lot of pain with my neck. But first of all I must tell you about the help I am getting for my Cancer recovery - it has not been an easy journey for me and my GP feels that I need some counselling so she told me about The Cherry Lodge Cancer Centre in a nearby borough of London.

I visited 2 weeks ago and spoke with the fabulous Fiona (Macmillan nurse) who told me all about the centre and what it can offer me. I was unsure if it was suitable for me but I went along to their Drop In morning yesterday and was taken aback with the amount of peeps who were there - roughly 20 men and about 35 women! I chatted with lots of the women and now feel this is right for me. They offer free to members many alternative therapies and I had a taster Reflexology session which I thoroughly enjoyed. It will help me to talk about my Cancer (which is now gone - forever I hope) and knowing that other women are going thru what I went thru in Oct 2009, will aid my total recovery. I have been an emotional wreck over the last few months although I have disguised it very well!! Typical of me! So you will now be able to follow my journey there too.

If any of you lovely followers are going thru this I would love to know how you are coping mentally with your diagnosis.

Onto my neck now - I had a CT guided Steroid Injection yesterday afternoon thru the side of my neck to my nerve endings in C6. It was very painful even tho I had a local anaesthetic! But so far it appears to be helping - he did say it may take a few days to work but at the moment I have to say I am getting SOME relief! I am feeling positive that I will not need a disc replacement op but it may have to be carried out in the future! Yikes!

I promise I will do some commenting over the next few days and I am going to post the 2 cards I have managed to make today in a bit.


  1. hiya sheila, i am so pleased that you are now getting some form of help and counselling and i hope the injection works for mum had 20 in her back just before christmas.
    on to the question you asked on my blog about my layouts.i have a little book that i draw layouts in when i enter a sketch challenge and always look at them for inspiration and also use magazine layouts.hth and take it easy.luv coops.xx

  2. I wish you all the best and big hugs xx Jenny xx

  3. I am happy knowing that you are getting some help and counselling hopefully works for you.
    Kathleen x


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