Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A scrap page for you to look at.....

Hello my faithful friends - well I have not had much inclination to craft over the last few weeks due to one thing or another.  Our family have been to hell and are not quite back where we should be but are very slowly getting there.  To cut a long story short, things went badly wrong for Lynne and her partner, and her and baby Kai ended up with us for a week.  Rows, rows and lots of shouting later  they are now back together but, as a mother, I know that things are not right and that Lynne is not telling us something.  But we have to keep out of it and just be here for her and Kai when necessary.

I took them both to my Mam's in NE Scotland for a week and we had a whale of a time despite it being bitterly cold.  Here is the outcome - a wee scrapbook page of the fun Kai had at the park.  It was lovely because we bumped into loads of folk that I haven't seen on previous visits home to Elgin and it was great to catch up. And Kai was a wee darling on the flight despite Lynne worrying about his wee ears.
I can't remember if I told you guys that Neil (son) and his beautiful wife are having a baby in March so we now have another family member due in 20 weeks!!  And Kai will have another pleased for Neil and Michele.

I am hoping to get into my cardmaking again very soon and have been popping onto your blogs for a wee look on a regular basis. You have all been very busy as usual.  Keep up the fab work and I look forward to reading any comments you have about my scrap page.  Hoping to print them all of to make a small book for Kai to look at when he is a bit bigger.

Take care crafters!!


  1. Poor you Sheila, It is never easy as a Mum is it.
    When you think that they are older and can cope alone, it's not true is it, it is just never ending.
    Things have a way of working themselves out, so be brave and hang in there. Hope you will be back to crafting again soon.
    Gorgeous LO and the photo's of Kai are so sweet.

  2. gorgeous scrap page sheila.a reall wonderful way to treasure all those fab baby pics.i hope things work out for your daughter, i am sure she knows you are there for her.

    xx coops xx

  3. Gorgeous hun...and I hope things work out for your daughter sweetie..

    take care and big hugs Vicky xx

  4. what a great scrapbook page and lovely memento for Kai, hope everything sorts it self out soon for you and your family. Hugs Carol x


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