Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sharing a pic of our tart with you all.....

Many of you know we have two young cats and they are very hard to photograph but I finally managed to get this comical pic of Sweep last night - we call him a tart when he lies like this and he does it all the time - showing off his privates  (that he doesn't have any more in any case!!) he he!

The second pic is of Sooty and Sweep and yea I cannot get a pic of them nicely sitting together - here they are playing with the camera lens cap and a pen!!
We adopted them as a pair of brothers in Nov 09 after our previous cat developed an inoperable growth on her leg - we sadly put her to sleep on 5th Nov 2009 and got these two rogues in the December.  They rule the house of course but doesn't every cat eh?

Thanks for looking my friends:)


  1. Love the picture Shelia and sweep looks so cute in his little basket I bet together they are a right naughty pair! Love Chanelle xxx

  2. How gorgeous are your two little devils?!
    I adopted a rescue cat in September of 09 and she's a right tearaway - loves my crafty stash and any old box she can hide in!

    Wouldn't be without my Phoebe-boo x
    Love Hayley xx

  3. haha brilliant pics sheila.cats are so funny.mine sometimes sleeps with his head right down on his blanket and it squashes his face right up ;D

    xx coops xx

  4. Aaaww...what a fabulous rogue Sweep is. One of my dogs is like that, lol.
    And shy Sooty, they are gorgeous.
    Kathleen x


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