Monday, 14 November 2011

Been a bad blogger

Hello again people!!  Well I am back - don't know what is the matter with me at the mo but I just cannot get my head out of the sand - seem to be stuck in a rut in crafting and home life.  Mojo has gone fro a very long walk last couple of weeks.....I think it is very simply because there is a lot going on at home (you will all find out eventually I reckon) and I DETEST the festive season.  Some of you may already know that I left an awful marriage in 1996 and I have lots of very bad memories that come back and haunt me at this time of year each and every year despite having counselling many years ago to try to combat this problem.  Trying as hard as I do to eliminate the bad thoughts, they just keep coming back and biting my bum therefore spoiling my Christmas every year.  I KNOW that I should have the strength to stop them coming but it is very hard despite being in a deliriously happy marriage now with my first love!!

Anyway enough of my sadness, tho this card is for a very sad day - the 11th year since losing my darling Dad.  I can't spend the day with Mam so instead sent her this card to let her know that not only are we thinking od Dad on 16th but also of her.  Hope you like it as much as I do.....

I am not entering this one into any challenges - this is purely for Mam and Dad.


  1. It's just perfect Sheila...and my thoughts are with you sweetie...I lost my day 5 years ago a week before Xmas...and its very painful hun..and I not a big lover of this season either...

    big hugs Vicky xx

  2. so beautiful sheila.i am sure this will be loved by your mum.
    christmas really does dredge up so many painful and sad memories.thinking of you and sending hugs,

    xx coops xx


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