Friday, 20 April 2012

Thanks so much... you all for your kind comments re my Mam and good wishes for Lynne.

She is still very tired and getting used to her new meds but she has had to slow down - nearly 80 and walking here there and everywhere  at the speed of a million knots she does.  We are glad she gets out and about but she has promised to slow down her pace now so that we can keep up !!

Her hospital doc very kindly called me and explained what had happened and what they are going to do for her  in the future so that has set my mind at rest for now. She has severe furring of the arteries and angina which should both be 'maintained' by her meds - we told her it was like  a drain cleaner and that made her laugh!!

She is determined she is coming down to see the new Baby when he/she arrives so that is something positive for her to look forward to.  Even if all she can manage is a few day as she can always come back again in early summer.

As for Lynne - well she had her obs/gynae and all is still well tho she has a UTI so is on A/B for three days.  She has a lovely neat bump lying way down with lots of cramps and aching so fingers crossed not too much longer. She has another hospital appt booked for 2nd May when they will decide (if she not delivered by then) what they are going to do.  I have bag ready for hospital now as they have very kindly asked me to attend labour and birth which I am very excited about - chocolate, more chocolate oh and  some Lucozade to keep me awake if we are there a long time he he.

Trying to catch up with all your fab creations but follow so many blogs its taking me forever so I do apologise.

Happy crafting....


  1. Sheila glad your mum is doing ok and looking forward to seeing some baby pics soon. love Alison xxx

  2. So glad all is well. A big relief for you. xx

  3. These Mums in their 80's are worse than having kids! - I have one myself - glad to hear that she's on the mend, I'm sure its a bigger worry for you when you're so far away, best wishes for your new grandbaby - its such an exciting time hugs Judith x

  4. Hi Sheila

    So glad to hear Mum is on the mend what a relief foryou especially with the baby on the way! I bet your Mum can't wait to see the new baby and like you say it gives her something to look forward too!!!

    WOW you lucky girl being one of the birthing partners I'm so chuffed for you! I was with Rochelle and Brett and what an experience to see my Granddaughter for the first time was so emotional but so bonding!

    Have a lovely weekend will keep my fingers crossed for you all!

    Love & Hugs Chanelle xx

  5. Sheila I'm so sorry to learn about your worrying time with your mam, you must have felt so torn not knowing what to do for the best with new baby's imminent arrival & supporting Lynne, but I'm so pleased everything is o.k.
    Who are you trying to kid about needing Lucozade to stay awake, you'll be like a kid on Christmas Eve and be soooooooo excited you'll be bouncing off the walls lol.
    Thank you so much for my beautiful birthday card hunny, that was such a lovely surprise :) Jodie was looking through her memories box last week & came across her 18th Birthday cards & again said how much she loved the gorgeous card you'd sent to her & how you used her favourite colour.
    Anyway hun I have masses to catch up on in blogland as we are decorating Jodie's bedroom so I've just not had time or energy to be blogging, so if I don't make it back to you before the babby's arrival I hope all goes well & will look forward to seeing those piccys' :)
    love n hugs Mandy xx

  6. I'm so glad that your Mum is on the mend and looking forward to seeing the baby when he/she arrives.

    I can imagine you very excited and what a memorable emotional experience when the baby arrives. Can't wait to see the pics.

    Heavy showers here so drag myself into the craft room to make dreaded male cards for the family.
    Kathleen x

  7. glad your mum is doing ok now sheila and i`m sure the meds will bring her cholestoral down for her.
    i can`t wait to hear some baby news :D

    xx coops xx

  8. glad your Mum is doing well. give her a huge but gentle hug from me x


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