Friday, 12 April 2013

Aren't I a terrible blogger....

....there is just never enough hours in the day to blog.  I am making cards but just can't seem to get on top of Blogger again.  I suppose I really need to set aside some 'me' time but with two gorgeous grandsons now that is hard. Graham and I have no car at the mo as he has recently changed jobs and we are currently awaiting delivery of his new company car.
I have Kai Tues thru to Wed at present as Lynne is back on placement so we are very busy over the two days.  He is such a joy to have.  And then on one/two of the other days I travel on public transport to see Stanley - he is coming on in leaps and bounds and Daddy is back to work this coming week so Mummy relying on help if needed. They live on 2nd floor and she is unable to carry anything heavier than baby for another 3 weeks due to horrendous labour and emergency c-section.

Healthwise Graham and I are both fine at present - I had my gynae oncology 6month check yesterday and all is well and Graham has his next big check up at the end of next month.  Fingers crossed all the results are there and he gets a treatment plan in place.

It is Stanley's Mummy's birthday on 16th so I took the time today to make her a wee card using some fab Pink Petticoat Papers I purchased the other day ~

I printed the sheet out twice and added the cut shapes as it looked a bit bland without any layers.  With no time to blog I simply can't even contemplate entering any challenges ha ha!! Barely have time to wash my face in the mornings before life takes over and I am off to the shops/cleaning/gardening or chasing Kai all over the house. He is taking about 5 steps now before falling on his bum so looks like he will walk before his birthday on 3rd May!!!!  Taken to climbing onto pouffe, then small coffee table and jumping onto sofa - nearly gave me a heart attack first time he did it little bu##er!!  Look at this~

Anyways I am off to get dinner on....hope to be back again very soon....wishful thinking eh?  How on earth do you all find time to blog with families etc??  Any hints gladly received......


  1. Nice to hear from you Sheila. Life gets in the way sometimes, but even now and again it is nice to see you.

  2. beautiful card sheila.gorgeous soft and pretty design and it looks like Kai is keeping you on your :D

    xx coops xx


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