Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hello again my friends.....

Well where has the last few weeks mojo has totally gone for now tho I am going to attempt a card later today.

Graham and I had a lovely week on Menorca but since coming back he is poorly again.  He is tired all the time and aches all over - so far blood tests have rules everything out so he is seeing the doc again in September.  He is one of those men who won't see the doc unless he is about to fall into his coffin!!  I know he is stressed out with work at the moment but thought our break in the sunshine would fix all that but appears not.

I will never get around all your beautiful blogs to comment but have been glancing at your fabulous crafts over the last few days seeking inspiration from you all - but just cannot get motivated at all right now.

A wonderful friend of mine sent me some fabulous stamped images to play with so may have a go at them - they are not something that jumps out to grab me but her work is so fabulous I have gotta have a go at them myself to see what all the fuss is about so thanks again to my lovely friend - you know who you are hun!!  Do come back later to see if I have managed to create something........


  1. Glad you had a lovely holiday just so sorry that Graham is now poorly not a good way to end your holiday! Bet you so missed Kia I know I did the first time we went away after Summer was born!! Hope your mojo returns but if its anything like mine only pops out every few days then goes back into hiding, have fun with your images!! Love Chanelle xxx

  2. Hope everything is sorted real soon. Its horrid when you feel poorly, but have no idea why. Hopefully it is something easily fixed. Saw the card you made just now, mojo coming back then?


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