Saturday, 30 June 2012

WARNING - my Hotmail account hacked

I just would like to warn you all that my Hotmail account has been hacked and many of you will have gotten an email from me earlier this evening which is in fact a virus so PLEASE DO NOT OPEN THE LINK on the email that has no subject.  I did try to send emails to those who I thought had been sent the dirty one with WARNING in the subject line but am not sure if I got to you all.

I pray that you all have the sense NOT  TO OPEN fake looking emails and that nobody's PC has been hit with this.

It is all sorted now thankfully and was actually flashed up to me by Hotmail itself so I am well impressed.  Just had to change all passwords and change replies to various security questions so have made up silly answers that nobody will ever dream of - that will get the bu##ers!!

Hoping you are all having a fab weekend.


  1. Hi Sheila unfortunately i did open it and wondered why you had sent it to me!!! Will keep everything crossed that nothing happens. love Chanelle xx

  2. hiya sheila.i did get the email but saw there was a link and deleted it.glad you go it sorted ;D

    xx coops xx

  3. I too opened it, but all seems fine. Hate people like that with nothing better to do.

  4. same thing happened to me Sheila.
    easiest thing to do is add a stupid contact to you list of contacts.
    something like this
    that way the spam and hackers get stuck in a loop at this email and it should stop any further emails getting further down your contact list.
    hth x

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