Tuesday, 5 June 2012

So sorry

I have to say a massive thanks to you all for your good wishes and comments on the birth of Kai - I have become so besotted I haven't had time to craft at all.  Thing is, I so want to get back into it asap but just can't think straight right now - I am so in love with Kai and want and need to see him every day.  Thankfully Lynne is happy  for Kai to see his old Granny every day - she is exhausted with her new routine tho he is being very good and most nights they get at least 6hrs on and off.  She rests during the day when he is asleep too so that helps.

I have some more pics to share but need to crop them first and am too tired to do it tonight as Graham and I went for a long walk up the canal this morning - anything to get away from this darned Jubilee - tho I did watch some of it on telly over the weekend.

Have been visiting blogs but not doing much commenting lately so apologies for that now - have some Fathers day cards to make over the next few days so fingers crossed I have some mojo to hand :)

Happy crafting to you all :)X


  1. How wonderful for Lynne and Kai that you are there to help! Just before my granddaughter was born in December I heard someone on the radio say: 'The business of grandparents and grandchildren is to adore each other.'

    I think that describes it to a 'T'!

    love Mags B x

  2. You enjoy your time with Lynne and Kai its such a special time for you all to bond I enjoyed every minute and now my little baby can't wait to come to see her old nanny!!! Life is so precious and so rewarding enjoy!!!! Love and hugs Chanelle xx

  3. Enjoy your little grandson Sheila - they grow so quickly - my grandson somehow got to be almost 6 months - is HUGE - wears 12-18 months clothes! Don't know how he got so big so fast! But every stage is a blessing it takes you back to when your own kids were little - except you don't have to worry about them!
    Having a DT call at Fab'n'Funky this week - I've taken over the blog from Lou - love to see you back if your mojo lets you!! Hugs Judith x

  4. aw you enjoy every moment with Kai hun.they grow up so quickly :D

    xx coops cc

  5. Enjoy your time with your grandson, they grow up so fast.
    Thanks for the lovely card. Kai is gorgeous.
    Kathleen x


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