Monday, 16 April 2012

Sorry no card

Sorry my card for next few days. My dear old Mam was rushed to hospital last night with suspected heart attack. Thankfully she is now home with several meds to take and waiting an appt with cardiologist.  Hellish night last night humming and haying do I get a flight up or what as Lynne's baby is due soon and I was torn in two. Thankfully my brother drove up from Perth to see her and report back to me that she had a stable night and was fine this morning.  They now think the chest pain was caused by very high cholesterol levels and angina so she got GTN spray and equivalent in tabs plus a Statin too.

Gawd what a night I had - never slept a wink and am utterly exhausted now.  Spoke to Mam earlier this evening and she is very shaken as my Dad went suddenly  in 2000 on his own in the house like she was on Sunday.  But she has a fab young family next door who had the sense to call  999 when she called them for help and Steve stayed with her til they got her into the ambulance.

So sorry no work from me today and perhaps tomorrow - gotta catch up with Lynne tomorrow then she has an Obs/Gynae Appt on Wed am to check her cervix is still ok for birth as she had Lletz treatment for CINIII 6 years ago and worried it may not hold til full term but all well so far getting to 38 wks.

Happy crafting my blogging buddies and will be back soon hopefully,


  1. So sorry to hear your news.....

  2. Hope things are improving Sheila, I know it's hard when you're not close enough to put your mind at rest, hope your mum is comfortable and will be more relaxed in a day or two. I'm sure you must feel torn- I'll be thinking of you over the next couple of weeks.
    Jenni x

  3. Thinking of you, your Mam and your family. *hugs*

    love Mags B xx

  4. Oh Sheila I can just image what a night you must have had!! So glad though thats she now back home so fingers crossed.

    Will be thinking about Lynne tomorrow bet shes so nervous now that the due date is getting closer!

    Love & Hugs Chanelle xxx

  5. Bet you're exhausted Sheila - look after yourself - you'll be no good to anyone if you don't. Thinking of you hugs Judith x

  6. Ho Sheila, so shocked to hear the news of your Mum. Hope your Mum is on the mend. Thinking of you and your family.
    Sending you hugs. Kathleen x

  7. Thinking of you and your family. Hope your mum is on the mend. What a scare. Love and hugs x

  8. so sorry to hear about your mum sheila.hopefully the meds will help now and i hope the appoiintment come through quick.fingers crossed for baby news soon :D

    xx coops xx

  9. Sheila what a worrying time you have had, hopefully your mum will see the cardiologist soon and get sorted out. Hopefully all was fine with Lynne at her appointment and that you can get some much needed sleep. Sending you hugs. Alison xxx

  10. Hi Sheila hope all goes ok for your Mum sending big hugs sandra x


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