Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Scan results

Hello my lovely friends,

Just quick post tonight as I am bl##dy knackered - didn't sleep well last night and was wide awake at 5am.  Finding it hard to keep my eyes open...

Had my scan and I have huge gallstones (no symptoms) and a epigastric hernia (Vicky you will know all about that I am sure). Specialist I saw recommends I have an op to repair hernia and remove gall bladder but will need to see my GP first for blood and stool results.  Got appt with her on Tuesday next week so panic over meantime.  Will get them done BUPA thankfully - I know lots of people have to rely on the good old NHS but I have had more than my share of it over the last 3 years - may as well make the most of company perk eh?

I will keep you updated but I feel fine.  Back to my cards etc tomorrow.

Interview went well too and I can reveal that Dunelm Mill are coming to Enfield (10mins away from us) and they are going to be the biggest one in the country with a massive craft section - how happy am I and to be able to possibly work there too?? (that's where I went for the interview - opening end Oct).

See ya all again tomorrow and thanks again for your concern.



  1. oh sheila i can not tell you how relieved i am for you.i am glad that it is something that can be operated on.i had an hernia operation when i was 5.(a groin one)
    pleased your interview went well, fingers crossed. :D

    xx coops xx

  2. Hiya Sheila,

    Not devastating news, thankfully!
    Happy for that fact.

    Don't know how many tummy surgeries you have had - but getting your gall bladder removed by keyhole surgery is a lot easier than full surgery and a faster healing time.
    But as you have 2 ops to be addressed they can do both at same time!

    Had my Gall bladder removed at age 30 years old and it was fine - surgery is surgery though!

    You take care and be safe!

    Good Luck with the job in Dunelm Mills,we have one close and it sells some craft things and I love going in for a look around with the plates and cups hee hee.
    Craft shopping in disguise - good eh?

    Have a good sleep and a restful sleep!

    Take care
    Big Hugs

  3. Relieved to hear that your are getting sorted.
    Good Luck with job. I just discoverd Dunelm Mills and googled to see if there are any in the borders area. Thats where we are going for a wee break next month.
    Take care.
    Kathleen x

  4. Goodness chick, more ops - poor you, hope all goes well. A job at dunelm mill sounds like my kinda fun too, Jo x

  5. Thanks for popping by my blog sweetie:)
    The buttons are added as pictures just as you add the candy's etc.. just don't write anything when you add the pictures just load it up and then place it where you want it :)

  6. Sheila..I'm so pleased your results have came back...and gallstones are a right pain in the bum...and the hernia too. Hopefully you will not have to wait to long for your op and fingers crossed for the job too sweetie...

    big hugs Vicky xx


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