Monday, 15 August 2011

New Health Scare

Hi guys,

I now I can count on your support and empathy with a wee problem I have - I went to see my GP today as I have been suffering from a wee bit of the runs for a few weeks - nothing startling - just thought I should get it checked .  At the same time I mentioned a fist-sized lump that appears intermittently just above my belly button.  To cut the tale short, she want stool samples, loads of bloods but also she discovered the aorta in my abdomen is pulsating at a much-too-powerful pressure (totally unrelated).  The medics amongst you will understand and perhaps offer me some advice.  Thankfully we have BUPA thru Graham's work so I am getting an abdominal scan done first thing tomorrow morning at The Royal Oak Hospital in Enfield.

I don't think I can cope with any more illnesses or conditions - have had three years of hell with Ovarian Cancer and my neck - just want to get my life back

I have a job interview later this afternoon too - God I could cry my eyes out but gotta keep strong for that.  Should be back later with a wee something I have made - not  a card believe it or not.......

Thanks for listening my friends old and new.


  1. oh sheila i hope all goes well tomorrow with the scan.will be thinking of you and i hope the job interview went ok today.
    am looking forward to seeing your creation later :D

    xx coops xx

  2. Hiya Sheila,

    Good luck with your interview!

    Now this could be a Hiatius Hernia, a hernia and can be rather harmless and just means you can not lift anything heavy.

    With the intermitten nature of it popping out - It does sound like a Hernia.

    A scan is the best way forward and although worrying - the best way forward is to get it checked out.

    No disrespect meant to Gp's but they do not know everything and when you have a health history, they avoid things or just plain panic - the reason they are not consultants is - THEY PANIC and can't hide it!

    I have a Hiatius Hernia and on going numerous health problems from my diagnosis and chemo treatment and it gets me so down and if I notice something else I WANT TO SCREAm and run away too!
    There is a LIMIT to what you can TAKE -

    BUT is there? Yes it is difficult BUT YOU and ONLY YOU WILL BE STRONG and survive what you have to TO gain back CONTROL of your LIFE!


    Health is an absolute Bloody nightmare but lack of health does not make you any less of a person and YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK!

    YOU WILL do what you have to do -

    1. Go to the scan
    2. Don't panic
    3. Ask Questions
    b. Cry,scream, shout and laugh no matter what the outcome - de stress
    4. Get a drink ( Gin,Wine,Vodka, Tea, Coffee)or all of the above.
    5. THINK
    6.Plan your next day and your next step on your next day.

    Be safe and be proud that you are a survivor.YOU will always be a survivor with a strength and a love for life.
    You must have - you fight for the right to be alive every Day.

    Sending you, Strength,health,hope and a huge hug to keep you safe on your journey tomorrow!

    You will be in my thoughts and my heart today and tomorrow - I will keep you close and safe while you travel the distance to the diagnosis.

    I do believe it will be a Hernia and I do hope the News is good for you, the unknown is the GREATEST FEAR!

    Take care
    Big Big Huge Hugs

  3. Oh no!! I hope all goes well for the scan Sheila and Good Luck with the interview.

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow and fingers crossed.

    Kathleen x

  4. Hope everything goes well tomorrow with your scan and good luck with the job interview. Debs xx

  5. Sheila I know it's hard....but try not to worry until you get your results hun.. I must say it does sound like a hernia..did you have a Laparotomy when you had the Ovarian cancer ??... sometimes there is a small hole in the abdominal wall (a weakness from having your tummy open's common so don't worry..)and sometimes the bowel gets pushed through...but it can be easily fixed sweetie....! Regarding your Aorta..again wait till you have the results....but again this can be treated too..

    Try and have a good rest tonight...and I be thinking of you...biggest of hugs Vicky xx


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