Thursday, 26 May 2011


Blogging friends,

I have been having trouble commenting this last few days and also uploading but I am back now. Cleared all my cookies (no change) then unchecked the 'keep me signed in' box on the sign in page of blogger just to see what happened - hey presto I can comment on all blogs including drop down forms and pop up forms!!

I had a follow up appt at The Royal Free at 9am today Scar looks good and healed (now sits nicely in amongst my turkey neck creases), 100% movement in my neck tho I still have muscle spasms on a daily basis and full feeling back in my two fingers.  I have to go back on my Amitryptilene for another few months and try to cut the dose down very slowly (did get off them but my neck spasmed and I could not bear the pain) but spent hours in the bath trying to ease the pain.  Wanted to stay off them but hey ho he knows best - at least I am off those darned Tramadol fro good now - honestly if any of you ever gert offered them for anything DO NOT TAKE THEM - they are so addictive and so darned hard to get off.

Anyway, I am back in blogland hopefully so I will be paying you all a visit over the next few days. No card at the mo but in the middle of making a thank you card for Lynne to give to the OPD where she has been doing her first placement at Uni. They have made her feel part of the team and she has learnt and done such a lot in those four weeks!  So proud of her - I shouldn't tell you this but her doc thinks she has Pelvic Imflammatory Disease and she is really struggling healthwise at the mo - she had treatment for CIN3 a year or two back too so she is worried sick.  Any advice girls?

May be back later with a card for you but need to get to shops in a mo (once this torrential rain and thunder and lightening stops yea?) to get some milk.

Happy crafting!


  1. Thanks for the blogger advice Sheila, glad it's not just me that's been having trouble. Hope things continue to improve for you on the health front, and for Lynne too, Jo x

  2. Glad to hear your heath is improving Sheila....and blogger is being good too hun!

    weather is pants...but we so need the rain!

    hugs Vicky xx

  3. I'm glad things are improving, and here's hoping Lynne will be ok, too.

    love and hugs

    Mags x


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