Sunday, 15 August 2010

I am back off me hols!

Hi everyone,
Well I am finally back here after our 10 days away - we went to Glasgow first for a couple of days then travelled up to see my Mam in Elgin for a week, then stopped off in Kendal on the way home for a night.
It was a very emotional time for me as this was my first time home since my cancer op. Seeing people I haven't seen was very hard as some of them have a strange reaction to the word CANCER. Weird - what is the point of hiding from it because in reality it can visit us all. It just paid me a visit but I feel stronger now that my first visit home is over - there were a lot of tears etc but I have moved on from that stage and I found it very hard to deal with hence me not being on here til now. My head has been all over the place but Graham and I went out today and we talked deeply for a long time and I feel better now. But my damned neck is causing heaps of pain right now.
I have also been taking part in a 6 week cancer online course and have managed to off load a lot of my mixed emotions on there.
I hope you are all well and enjoying this lovely summer we are having.....he he...
I have two cards to post but not uploaded them from camera yet so please be patient. Be along very soon,
Sheila X


  1. The word cancer does shake up a lot of people because most do not know that God loves us and His son Jesus the Christ died for our sins so we would not have to pay the price. Check out book of John in the Bible. May you discover peace for the long term.

  2. hello sheila.its great to see you back and am glad you are feeling stronger :)
    i was worried about you,i forgot you were going away, duh.
    i hope you managed to visit funky kits and i look forward to seeing your cards :)

    xx coops xx

  3. Hi Sheila and welcome back.
    Sorry your neck is playing up, hope you can start to get out in the NICE weather, IF it remains.
    You were only 35 minutes drive from me when you were in Kendal. They have two lovely craft shops there too, did you mangage to find them? lol.
    Cancer is best being spoken about, I am a positive person and would have to take it by the horns and just speak about it, but people are not all the same. When my best friends husband was killed by an idiot driver, I used to be with her and would see people go the other way if they saw her.
    I on the other hand would never do that with anyone, speaking about it is best in my book, even if you upset people, crying is not a bad thing. A problem shared and all that.
    Best Wishes and good you are back with us. Debbiexx


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