Thursday, 10 June 2010


Hello everyone,
I received this fab award by the lovely Coops - go check out her blog (link on right hand side with award).
The rules are that I :~
Thank her (THANKS NIC!!) and link to her blog (OPPOSITE WITH AWARD);

Display the award - well you can see it can't you?;
Tell 6 lies and 1 truth about me (or vice versa);

And nominate 7 others to receive this and continue the fun!!

Here goes but you will all have to guess which is the one truth OK?

1. I am left handed

2. I have my ears pierced 5 times

3. I drive a Ford Ka

4. I love cheese - the smellier the better

5. I can balance a spoon on my nose

6. I like to swim at least 3 times per week

7. I broke my right leg when I fell off my bike 2 years ago.

Come on then....which is the 1 truth? No prizes - just a bit of fun on a dull day!

I am going to award this to the following people with love and hugs:~


This was fun!


  1. Thanks dear Sheila hey would you like to join DDSB challenge this week easy peasy only using something to tie up :) many thanks dear Sheila....hugs

  2. Oh thanks Sheila. I need to think of questions and nominates. lol love Kathleen x

  3. Hi Sheila,
    Ta for that. I am going to choose the one I think is the truth and that is:
    Balance a spoon on my nose!!! Ha ha

  4. heheeh these are fab sheila, am stumped which are lies though so a total guess that the truth is that you are left handed.luv coops.xx

  5. Hi Sheila Your right. I think you drive a Ford Ka. Kathleen.

  6. Aww thanks hun, haven't a clue which your truth is so I'll guess you've had your ears pierced 5 times cos you look like a rebel lol
    hugs Mandy xx


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