Monday, 26 April 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Creative Coops is very generously handing this out to her followers - well for anyone that wants to express 10 interesting facts about themselves!

Well here goes mine:~

1. I got married 10 and a half years ago to my first love - we had been school sweethearts but both gone our separate ways - and met up again after 25 years. Within 3 days we knew we would spend the rest of our lives together as man and wife.

2. I am a Cancer Survivor. I had a malignant cyst 13cms in size removed from my right ovary in Oct 09 - had all my lady bits taken away at the same time just in case it had spread. It hadn't TTL!

3. I only started cardmaking in Summer 09 when I was off work with my sore neck - needed something to make my brain work. Couldn't think of giving it up now.

4. I was born with a 'strawberry' on my nose!

5. I have a 8in scar on the back of my right thigh - got from sliding down a corrugated iron sheet - encouraged by my older brother and his pals. Oops!

6. I have suffered from depression several times throught my life. Always managed to come out the other side.

7. I enjoy reading lots of different genres of books and once spoke to the famous writer Adriani Trigiani on the phone (she wrote the Big Stone Gap Trilogy and several others) - if you want to know WHY then contact me and I will tell you.....

8. I love chocolate!

9. I also love Mackie's Ice Cream!!

10. The best holiday I have ever had was to Egypt to celebrate Graham's 50th in 2008. We saw the Pyramids, the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, visited Luxor and Karnak temples, cruised up the Nile and saw poverty like I had never seen before. Jeez, we are SO lucky to have what we have in the UK.

Please feel free to 'award' yourself this prize and add your 10 interesting facts.

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