Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Well it is now Tuesday 25th August and I have just returned from Chase Farm Hospital where I saw the Gynae Oncologist - he has referred me to UCLH and told me I will be seen as a matter of urgency. I have been diagnosed with a cervical polyp, thickening of the womb lining and an 11cm ovarian cyst!! A monster growing inside me!!

I am going into CFH on Tuesday 1st Sept to have a hysteroscopy and biopsies carried out under GA and they will send on these results to UCLH in time for my appt.

I am scared witless, terrified, feeling sick and generally sinking deeper and deeper into that black hole. I am not an ignorant person but I DO read the press and am fairly knowledgable when it comes to medical terms etc. UCLH is part of the North London Cancer Network and althoguh I HAVE NOT been diagnosed with cancer the very thought that it MAY be there is scaring the s**t out of me.....will I make it to the wedding, will I be around to see any grandchildren grow up, will I be around when I reach 50 on 21st October???

I have so many what ifs going around my brain right now..........


  1. Oh bless you Sheila, I know there is no point me saying try not to worry as I was in a right state when I had a breast lump which thankfully was harmless, but all the same thoughts were going round in my head and they just don't go away. Try and keep youself busy hun,think positive,get some crafting done it's fab theraphy, love Mandy xx

  2. Thinking of you today, hope all goes well.
    take care hun


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